Coming to Sapa, it is not enough if you gaze the beautiful terrace fields, indulge yourself into romantic space of the North West, discover the culture of villages, without enjoying the best unique dishes and specialty in Sapa.
It is so pity if you miss the chance to eat some delicious dishes such as: bamboo cooked rice, salmon hotpot, village pork and “thắng cố”… and grilled street food selling in the center of the town at night. Each dish has its own taste but when mixing them, it brings a unique and special flavor for the North West area.

Bamboo cooked rice, seven colors sticky rice: The main ingredient of this dish is sticky rice. People put rice into a bamboo pipe then grill it in the fire, after it turns black, we tear the bamboo and take the rice out. Rice is tasty, mild and very sticky.
(bamboo cooked rice)
Besides, you can enjoy seven colors sticky rice – traditional dish of Nung ethnic in Muong Khuong, Lao Cai. This dish has seven colors: pink, fresh red, dark red, blue, yellow – green, yellow and white. All colors are made from forest leaves so it is very safe for your health.
Local people said that if you eat this seven color sticky rice you will get luck.
(seven color sticky rice)

Village pork (pig): Or we often call it is Cap Nach pig which refers to the pig was released naturally when it was small since being born, and after around one year, it is only 20 kg. The local people often carry under their arms and bring them to the market for sale. With talented cooks, Cap Nach pork is grilled, toasted or boiled, each dishes is completely delicious, not fat and tasty.
(village pork)

Grilled dishes: There is one street in Ham Rong Street where mainly selling grilled dishes. There are a plenty of grilled dishes whichever can be grilled such as corn, sweet potato, tofu, chicken eggs, or meat like pork, quail meat and beef with Cai Meo( vegetable). How a great meal it is! Enjoying these grilled dishes, in a cold evening, it is really an amazing and interesting experience for tourist.

(grilled dishes)

Salmon hotpot: Salmon is raised in Sapa, maintains a private and unique taste its meat is firm, thick and not fat with pink color and covers much nutrition. We use the water to boil the salmon bone so the water is very tasty and sweet. Tourist will feel more excited when they have a delicious meal with Cai Meo vegetable, fresh chayote vegetable and each fresh piece of salmon. Therefore, if the tourist has a chance to visit Sapa, do not forget to try this kind of food. So you can enjoy your great meal with 3- 4 partners with only 500.000 – 600.000 VND. Another dish you can enjoy is the stream fish. After cleaning the fish, they take its scab out and put the ingredients on the fish, then grill it on the coal, and eat them with lemon and salt which make it not stinky anymore.
(salmon hotpot)

Thang co in Sapa: “Thang Co” is a traditional food of Mong Ethnic in the North of Bac Ha – Muong Khuong. Due to the time, many other ethnics imitate and try to make it different. However, it still remains its flavor with the main ingredients is the innards and the bone of horse, cow and pig.  Thang Co is cooked with many other herbs. In the market, people often cook Thang Co in a big pot for many people to eat together. They boil the bone of those animals in few hours, then they take it out and put it into small bowls. Eating Thang Co and drinking Corn wine, apple wine is surely an interesting experience for tourist.
(Thang Co Sapa)

Bac Ha plum:
If you have chance to come to Sapa in the summer, you can enjoy this great fruit. Different with other plums, this plum is bigger, thicker and has a slight sweet which is unforgettable. Besides, there are a lot of kinds of fruits such as pear, peach which are also the granted gift from the nature for pretty town.

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