At the altitude of 1600m above sea level, Sapa town is slowly spread by the drifting clouds, which makes the town seem like a visionary foggy town, and creates a charming image of mountain and river. The most valuable resource of this destination is the fresh and pleasant climate, and the temperature is about 15 – 18oC on average. That is one of the significant reasons for Sapa to become such a wonderful destination for visitors worldwide to spend their vacation. In addition, not only the temperate climate but the friendly local people and the scenic nature of the mountain views here also appeal and impress travelers around the world. This contributes considerably to increase the number of visitors coming here, specifically, last year Sapa welcomed over a million visitors coming to Sapa, besides, visitors have a variety of different choices for visiting Sapa such as experience a landscape tour (classic tour) or market tour or trekking and biking tour. Also, both hotel and homestay are available for tourists to Sapa, however, this article is going to give some suggestions of the most prominent landscapes for a classic tour. The information for other tours can be referred at other articles on our website.

1. Fansipan Mountain
At early dawn, Sapa town looks dreamlike and poetic but also resplendent when the first sunshine emitted, the top of trees covered with mist seem exciting to show their sparkling beauty. Welcoming an extraordinary day in that scenic nature should be a great start for enjoy Sapa. One of the most prominent destinations of Sapa is the legendary Fansipan summit that not many people can conquer by themselves. Reaching this Indochina summit after overcoming difficulties may not just give you the absolute victory feeling but certainly bring you with breathtaking scenic natural views, spectacular beauty of clouds on Hoang Lien Mountains. The favorable period of time for climbing is from September this year to March of the next year. However, the most beautiful scene to contemplate is at the end of February, starting of the blooming season. The length of time for a Fansipan conquering tour used to be about 5 days before but now it is shortened to 2 or 3 days to complete it.

2. Cat Cat village
Another destination that attracts a huge number of visitors both domestic and foreign is Cat Cat village which can be considered a longstanding and ideal tourist destination for travelers to learn and discover the life and people in the Northwest. From the town center of Sapa, going through the little slopping and winding paths visitors will reach Cat Cat Village, San Sa Ho commune, Sa Pa District, Lao Cai. The village is home to Hmong ethnic people, located at the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain range and surrounded by mountains. Explore the beauty of the village with Cat Cat waterfall discovered and chosen as a place to relax by French, therefore the name of the village was also taken from the name of the waterfall. Scattered on the mountainside are the little houses and at the center of the village is a spring converged by three streams including Tien Sa stream, Gold stream and Silver spring.

3. Ta phin village
When visiting Ta Phin village, brocade village, you should not forget to buy some brocade products of the village with different exceptional designs, because this is the most famous tradition brocade village in Sapa. A number of common products for you to choose are backpacks, travel bags, scarves, handbags, purses, brocade robes and so on with various colors. These products are made by talented skillful hands of the Mong and Dao females who patterned the delicate embroideries of flowers and greenery, birds and animals causing a curiosity and particularly appeal to tourists visiting Sa Pa.

4. O Quy Ho pass 
Visiting O Quy Ho pass can also offer visitors a great lifetime experience because of its impressiveness and magnificence of the scenery there. O Quy Ho pass is one of the longest passes which is the most dangerous and imposing in the North of Vietnam, the pass brought every visitor both admiration and scare. Therefore, O Quy Ho pass is always a fascinating theme for travelers to talk about when visiting Sapa. Recently, the international electronic informatics network Globalgrashopper – the familiar address of travelers has voted O Quy Ho top 10 most beautiful sights of Vietnam.

5. Muong Hoa Valley – ancient stones
Muong Hoa Valley is home to the famous ancient stone in Sapa, located among trees and plants and terraced rice fields of ethnic minorities, with variety of unique and mysterious characters. Many scientists from Vietnam, Russia, France, Australian have been doing research on the enigmatic characters, however, no possible findings have been proposed.

6. Fairy cave
Discover Sapa with more and more beauty spot, one of which is Fairy cave, which is considered to be a miniature of Ha Long. The attraction related to a story of three fairies who visited this place for lesure but because of the magnificent views and poetic scenery here, they didn’t want to get back to their home and sacred themselves here, then a shrine was built here to worship them. With fresh air and cool temperature this pristine landscape has satisfied a large number of visitors coming here; beside the poetic beauty with great combination of mountain, stream and sky, there are a lot of amusement waiting for you to discover.

7. Silver waterfall
From the top of the ravines of the waterfall, the water roaring flows down the bottom through hundred metter height and releases the white foams like white flowers, that is the reason why the fall is named Silver waterfall. The sound of the waterfall creates for visitors more feeling of a destination containing wildlife and mystery that need to be explored.
After about an hour travelling through the winding roads is the time for visitors to relax with a deep breath taking from the mountain air, listening to the sound of mountain birds combining with the echoes of the waterfall, you will feel to be in a separated world with nothing but nature.

8. Heaven gate
It astonished everyone because of the unimaginably wonderful scenery. The mountain range spreads over and link the masses of clouds together which seems to open the door to the heaven to welcome guests.
The spectacular views from the high mountain make people thrown into ecstasy, the green mountains ranged from deep valley rise sharply to the top of the mountain and mix with the masses of clouds then create an imposing scene of the green Northwest mountain.

9. Tram Ton pass – Love waterfall
At the altitude of 1900m, Tram Ton is Vietnam’s highest mountain pass, and acts as a dividing line between two types of weather condition; here you also have chance to enjoy fantastic natural views.
 Moving to the Love waterfall, fumbling through wet rocks to get closer to the fall, you will feel a chill, not because of the weather of Sapa but because of a refreshing air emanating from the fall.

The waterfall is ideal for couples visiting because the local people believe that get together here can have a great future. However, it’s good for those who are alone too, because it is believed that the water can helps transfer your words to their future partners, so everyone can reach the Love waterfall can be happy later.