Located among range of mountains, covered by groups of white cloud, Coc Ly market is a crowded and noisy area which usually gathered on Tuesday every week. Coc Ly Market is 35 km far from Bac Ha town, where the Mong Hoa, Black Dzao and the Nung ethnic minorities meet friends and exchange goods.
From afar, Coc Ly market looks like a pretty and lively picture: slowly running water, surrounded by Bac Ha green forest in the mist. In addition to the picture and the spectacular nature, groups of Mong, Dao, TayNung, … dressing up with their specific costume from all the nearby village who are coming to the market: someone walks, someone rides horse, someone carries their textile and agricultural products and cattle.

Cocly Sapa Market

The market is divided into private space. People put all the good covering their culture and custom such as: some kinds of fruit, herb, jew’s ear mushroom, honey, corn wine, rice, household items, jewelry, colorful and interesting brocatelle at one area and put on nilon piece on the ground.
However, the most impressive area is the place where they are selling and buying cattle such as: buffalo, cow, pig, chicken, dog, cat and horse. The atmosphere is so crowded and noisy with the scene of people are sitting or standing to talk, discuss and persuade and bargain with each other. Next to this area is food area, presenting the specialty and famous dishes from ethnic minority people. It is as crowded as other corners. Mixing with the fog and mist from hot dishes is a lot of sounds such as talking, shouting, dishes beating. Tourist cannot miss this interesting scene, they will stay a bit, take a look and come to enjoy some of dishes with ethnic minority people.

Traveler visited Cocly market

The most attractive area is customer care area especially for young boys and pretty girls. At this place, tourist has a chance to take photos with their friends or family members, or visit Dentist Zone to attach a gold tooth to color their smile.
According to local history, Coc Ly means the root of plum tree and the beauty of this market not only due to its main role (use good to exchange good), but also is the opportunity for the tourist to visit, meet friends, and sing a song.
If you come to Sapa, do not drop the chance to visit an amazing and fantastic market on every Tuesday. Also, a lot of markets in Sapa is waiting for you to discover.