Around 1600m above sea level, Sapa town is 38km away from the city center of Lao Cai. Covered by the drifting clouds, Sapa town seems like a visionary foggy town, which creates a charming image of mountain and river. The most valuable resource of this destination is the fresh and cool weather, temperate climate about 15 – 18oC on average, because of the average height between 1500m – 1800m. What makes Sapa such a wonderful destination for visitors everywhere to spend their vacation is the very perfect climate here.
At sunrise, Sapa town looks dreamlike and poetic but also very resplendent when the sun first begins shining. Thousands of flowers display themselves and merge with the striking costumes of the ethnic groups of Dao, Mong, and so on. Sapa always seasonally manifest them in a distinct color. In spring, there is a lush vitality green color of rice spreading over the hillside, which looks like a huge carpet winding gently. Blooming flowers every paths and the fragrance pervading into the air makes visitors seem appealed to a paradise.
When the summer is over and the fall begins, Sapa is dyed with the yellow of rice waiting harvested. On the bus, travelers can feel the rice fragrance combined with the air, feel the urge to come to visit this Town.
Sapa Town

Coming to Sapa to join in the brilliant colorful culture space to attend the kermis with boisterous of laughter and singing, and every Saturday night, all people and visitors are excited to look forward to the “love market”. Even though the kermis has gradually fallen into oblivion, it has been the typical symbol of Sapa. The market is not only the place of buying and selling goods but the dating location of couple.
Tourists must be very excited when talking about the kermis in Sapa because they can choose for themselves a favorite gift made by the skillful hands of the local people. Guests may pay most attention to the patterns on the delicate brocade items with colors of daily life. It is the crystallization of the talent, hard work and great effort that the people here took to transfer from this generation to the next one.

Salmon - one of famous specialties in Sapa
Gastronomy in Sapa also carries some distinctions. Sapa is sparkling in some way but simple in some others. Some people wish to have an opportunity to step in a forest with white flowers spread over the sky and pick some peaches and plums covering by early dew and enjoy the crispy and light sweet taste. Moreover, the yeast of “tao meo wine” and corn wine make drinkers intoxicating, “Cap Nach Pig” is processed to many different dishes with special taste and extremely tasty thanks to the local cuisine. Furthermore, there’re some other dishes such as fried spring fish, corn cake, “dao cake”, “day cake” which is expected to make people coming to Sapa to have a great experience.
Sapa is described to be charming and romantic as a fairy tail that contains a lot of mysteries to discover. Come to this cute town to have such great experience so that you want to come back in the near future.