Located in the center of Sapa town, Sapa Church was built in 1895 and considered as the completely remaining architecture mark of French. Church has been fixing and preserving and becomes an important attraction whenever we talk about Misty Sapa.
There are a lot of names to call Church due to local people or tourist such as Sapa Stone ancient church, Man Coi Cathedral, Stone Church… The Church was built when the French occupied at the beginning of Twenty Century. According to some written notes, the Church was put its front side faces to the East that means the position is where the sun rises. Someone explains God’s light comes from that way. At the bell area, at the end of the Church, it is in the West, it means the born place of Kito God. The Church was made from broad stone, due to Gothic Roman style. Sand, lime and molasses liquid created the connection of the Church. The abrasive crystal on the wall of the cross makes people think about falling stalactite makes the Church natural. In the past, the roof is made from the rice straw mixed with lime but now they replace by tile. The total area of this Church is more than 6000 meter square. 

Ancient Church Sapa 

The stone Church is the completely remaining architecture mark of French. It located in the heart of Sapa Town with a front large stadium. Every day, ethnic minority people gather and exchange good. It is the place where young boys and pretty girls play traditionally musical instruments “Khèn” to make friends in love market which contains the cultural feature of Northern West of Vietnam. Before carrying out to build this Church, the French architect had to make a careful and detail plan to choose the position of the Church.
Man Coi Church based on the breeding ground, protected by Ham Rong Mount. There is affront smooth and flat land where we can build a lot of cultural constructions and buildings in order to meet the demand for cultural activities. We can stand at all sides and take a look at the Church. Along with two constructions made by French is Chu Cau villa (now is Hoang Lien hotel) and former District local committee area (now is the head office of Lao Cai Travel Information Center). These places create a balancing triangle with the private French style.
The total area of the Church is more than 6.000 m2, Sapa Church has enough space for: church area, range of parsonage, cattle house, angle house, front yard, behind yard, barrier, God Garden. The parsonage was built parallel with the church house including 5 compartments.
Ancient Church Sapa - a famous checkin place 
Church house includes 7 large compartments with the area more than 500 m2 and the height of the part with bell tower is 20 meter, there is a bell inside with the height 1.5 meter, was made in 1932 weighs 500kg and the sound can echo within 1km. At the current, on its surface still remains the feature of molding process and the number of people who collect money to mold the bell. The part of bell carrier is Pomu wood which is still remained after a long time.
Sapa Church is an attractive destination for many tourists whenever they come to Sapa. However, despite a numerous recovering times and devastation of the nature and war, the Church still remains charming beauty and preserves the soul of the religious architecture construction.