Coming to Ban Pho everyday or Bac Ha village fairs, tourists have a chance of enjoying the excellent wine made from corn with clean fresh water which originates from mountain together with ferment rinsing from a uncommon herb of Mong people.
Whether buying or not, being a connoisseur of wine or not, tourists will definitely have a feeling of the whole body warming up right at the moment of tasting the very first drop of wine, which allows tourist to feel the deep sentiment of the cook. Along with Tam Hoa plum, pear, peach, Ban Pho corn wine is getting popular with all tourists from all over the country, which is used once but remembered permanently.
Bac Ha Corn Wine is made by local with traditional method
Wine has been a long-lasting popular drink of ethnic groups, especially in the winter. The job of brewing corn wine can be seen in any Bac Ha district’s household; however, corn wine from Mong people at Ban Pho has been standing out as the greatest wine. According to the experience of famed households with brewing corn wine here, it depends on a number of elements to make excellent wine. The main ingredient is corn grew right in the village that is boiled in a long period of time until it turns to a pulp and then kept getting cool down and fermented. It is considered as the key stage and alcohol yeast originating from Hong My seed is also made by the family themselves.
Tourists can buy Bac Ha Corn Wine as a gift for friends and family 
Hong My seeds which is similar to millet ones grows at corn field or under the shade of plump in March and are often harvested in solar July. Hong My seeds are dried after being harvested, then pitted, grinded to dough and mixed with wine and water, kneaded into the completed ferment. Corn is mixed with ferment with a fixed rate and then kept right on the ground.
The temperature of fermenting can be checked by putting hands into inside. The corn is kept in appropriate temperature which is not too cold or too warm and covered by canvas in winter. After getting warmer, white ferment turns up, the corn is kept in tight barrel in approximately 5-6 days. Then, corn will be cooked by being putted in steamer, which must be made from wood. Corn to brew wine is measured by “sinh” equal to 30kg. Each wine pot can occupy 1 “sinh” and distil about 20-24 wine liters of above 40 degree.
It can be said that this wine is only for Ban Pho for a long time. The very fascinating mixture of corn, Hong Mi ferment, the flavor of forest plus rocky mountain-originated source of water, climate and affection of Ban Pho people makes this excellent wine. With the aim of inspiring the young generation to brewing wine, Ban Pho people’s committee encourages experienced artisan to descend for avoiding wasting character.
Ban Pho corn wine now has a brand name which is not only a good news for Ban Pho local people but a pride of Bac Ha residents. It is recognized by scientists and market both in and beyond the district towards the typical travelling product.
Ban Pho corn wine takes itself the affection of Mong people in Ban Pho village and flavor of North West mountain.