As Cat Cat village, Lao Chai - Ta Van is the place for living of ethnic minority, 7 km far from the Sapa town center. If you come from Sapa center, you get along Cloud Bridge then turn to Muong Hoa Street. Giving up the crowded and modern streets, you start your journey to experience a different life as its meaning with village life.
Behind your back is the busy and noisy life of Sapa. But ahead it is the peaceful and quiet of the space. If there is no lamp post bringing the light to the village, there is no asphalted roads leading to the village, here is only the real life of the native Mong, Dao, Giay, Tay… Although they have modern facilities, however, local people still reserve their culture and traditional lifestyle. That is the point which attracts domestic and international tourist.
Lao Chai Ta Van village 1

Lao Chai – Ta Van located in the foot of the valley, two sides is fantastic and spectacular Hoang Lien Son range and Ham Rong Mount, surrounded by level terrace fields. These field last until it reaches the house gate. It seems that the field connects Lao Chai with range of mountains and they come to blue sky…These level terrace fields has been here for hundred years and also made by talent and hardworking hand of farmers who come from ethnic minority, working day by day to create these large field. This look like a huge scenery picture with wandering line by professional painter… Whenever the harvest comes (April and September every year) all the village is colorful decorated by the yellow rice. This is also the time fore exploring Sapa in general and Lao Chai – Ta Van in particular, because the passion to appear at the yellow rice field due to each level make us feel we are in the heaven.
Besides these breathtaking and spectacular sceneries of the nature, when you get to Lao Chai – Ta Van, just walk, you can enjoy all the cultural beauty of it. But it is not enough, you should stay overnight to discover the life at night and experience the real life at Lao Chai – the village coming from cloud. When you take a tour staying overnight at village you have a great chance to discover a special cultural life. It is such a comfortable and attractive trip with the one who are active, have a good living condition and love the simply and adventure.
Through this tour, tourist can understand more about simple, peaceful life of the ethnic minorities. Also, you can enjoy the local and traditional dishes and try to live with another life to experience and gain knowledge about manners and customs.
Lao Chai Ta Van Village 2

Living room is where tourist can stay, read books, watch TV, decorated by brocade, Khèn (Traditional musical instrument), wooden bell… Experiencing the cultural custom will be perfect if you can enjoy the specialty or local dish cooked by local people that they try to make it is suitable for favor of tourist including vegetable, pork, chicken, raised by themselves. Especially, in the cold weather, it is great to enjoy corn wine - the specialty of ethnic minorities.
Every night, each tourist is given clean and neat blanket, riddle, pillow. It is always cold at night so they always light up the lamp and the house has no window therefore it is very warm.
Finally, when you join a tour to Sapa, you get two targets: you can contribute directly to the local people by attending at their house, can communicate with their friendliness and can indulge yourself with the nature.  And the most important thing, you can enjoy local dishes, which are strange, delicious and attractive that makes your trip more memorable and you can help a part for ethnic minorities.