According to Dao’s legend, San Lung wine originated from the heaven. Fairies were asked to come to Po Sen mountain for this wine, which is considered as the image of a rainbow like 3 drains absorbing water back to the heaven.
Those drains are by Red Dao people called San Lung which means “three dragons” and the mountain where fairies take the water is named San Lung. Because the area has sacred dragon, the local people come to make home and live by tilling the field and brewing wine. This specious wine is only used for making ceremonial offerings, Tet & summer holidays or engagement party and feasting friends.
San Lung wine
San Lung wine with pervasive and strong flavor is quickly absorbed and spread to the whole system of body, which makes anyone over the moon or on cloud nine without having a headache. The more you taste this wine the more you want to wallow in it. If San Lung wine is used in the morning, you will have a healthy day like having a God of power aiding you all hard-working day. When the wine is used in the evening, however, the closed relationships among people are getting strengthened by intangible string that everyone can bare their hearts with good sayings which are not disclosed before.
San Lung wine is made in an elaborate way with ingredients of soft green rice. Rice is soaked until it turns into germs and kept with herbs before being brewed. Rice combines with wild herbs having an effect of anti-cold and blood circulation, reducing joint hurt and headache. Only San Lung local people make this excellent, wine which is steamed 2 times, the first stage is to clean, the second time is to freeze with wild herbs and Po Sen spring water.
San Lung has been emerging as an ideal destination for tourists visiting Lao Cai to enjoy and have San Lung wine as a gift for family or friends. This wine is regarded as a great and high-quality wine originating from the period of French domination