(“Thắng cố” is the dish processed from horse  meat)
“Thắng cố" is popular and indispensable dish of people in Northwest area, especially in the markets of highland ethnic minority. Traditional “thắng cố” was early processed from horse meat, lately it is transformed from beef, buffalo meat, pork and simultaneously created many different types of materials and recipes. However, the most delicious “thắng cố” is still from horse meat at Bac Ha - Muong Khuong, Sa Pa - Lao Cai which are homeland of this unique dish.
A full of Sapa specialties meal with thang co as the main dish
Traditional “thắng cố” contains horse meat, heart, heart, liver, and 12 types of species such as cardamom, cinnamon twig, citronella, ginger and other traditional condiments. In there, “thắng cố” tree is the 12th spicy. The dish is processed quite simply. Horse meat and its viscera are washed, seasoned with traditional spices. Next, put all the meat and viscera in a large span to sauté until the meat is a little bit dry, and then pour water into the pan and continuously simmer on the flaming stove for hours. Parts consisting of heart, heart, liver, blood, flesh, bone finally added to the span to be well-cooked, can add some vegetables.
Thang Co Sapa
When eating, bouillon will be scooped into hot-pot, put horse meat slicers in it. The dipped vegetables such as “mèo” cabbage (one of cabbage types is planted in Sapa), geese, kohlrabi, hot-pot vegetable ... Spices dipped are made of a special chili sauce in Muong Khuong which has salty, spicy, torridness to warm people eating it. Horse’s viscera processed cleanly has a good smell, very crispness and tastiness. Special flavors of horse meat are tasty, slightly sweet mixed with dipping spicy. So great!
Guests should enjoy “thắng cố” along with Bac Ha corn wine to realize warmth and fragrant from the essence of the mountains. Therefore, guests will taste sweetness whenever drinking the wine. The food and drinks are embedded into each other to create a sense of comfort and relaxation.