Located in the lean pan shape– Muong Hoa valley, the Hoa stream spreads about 15 km along the valley, through Lao Chai, Ta Van, Hau Thao Commune, etc and ends at Ho Village.
Travelling to Sapa, many people can have a chance to overlook breathtaking beauty of Silver waterfall. This is the starting point of the stream with pretty name: Muong Hoa. The stream looks like a huge sinuous python, lying beside level terrace field. In the harvest, yellow color from level terrace field reflects itself into the green river, makes Muong Hoa Valley prettier.
The stream always runs and flows every seasons due to 22 small streams which start from the forest, mountain and ravine. To be easy to connect with two sides of the stream, local people who are living near the stream made a rattan bridge besides ancient huge trees lying across the stream. These rattan bridge made the stream prettier and also is one of the attractive destinations for tourist to come.
Muong Hoa Valley with the beauty of terrace fields

Along the stream, there is a lot of chasms with white stone made by invisible hand put it in order carefully. The stream part in Ta Van is large, flat and becomes an ideal beach. At the weekend, a lot of people from Sapa town come and enjoy fresh and clean water.
The old person in Muong Hoa Valley said that: in the past, along two side of this valley, there are a lot of huge and ancient trees, the family of fish lives under these trees. In addition, there are plenty of fish in Muong Hoa stream. In February – March (Lunar calendar), when the South – East wind blows the cold weather of high mountain, boys and girls from villages come to the stream to fish together.
Sapa Old Carved Stone Area

Each stone has unique carved pattern
They talk, laugh happily and throw stones into the stream to make the fish scared and run away then go to the stream and catch the fish. However, catching fish is only the reason for them to catch girl’s hand. Hand in hand and look at each other eyes, they fall in love thanks to Muong Hoa Valley.
There is a famous old carved stone area in Muong Hoa Valley. This strange sculpturing stone is located among trees and flowers, and the level terrace field of ethnic minorities. Spread along 4km of the length and 2km of width, with at least 159 stones, covering a lot of strange and mysterious drawings, the stone used to be a research location for a lot of scientists from Vietnam, Russia, French, Australia,…
All the complex of old curved stone area in Pho Village gathers a lot of pretty sculpturing stones. With these big stones, on its surface there is different drawings. Especially, the posture of people with many actions is presented clearly: opening hand, round head with the shining light, hand in hand, up sight down people, some pictures present religious symbol like on Dong Son bronze drum… Mostly, scientists explain this area is a great Heritage of people, it not only contains artist value but also has religious meaning.