One of the most familiar destinations for customers who want to relax and travel in Sapa is Ham Rong Mount.  It is located inside Sapa town center – A famous tourism town of Sapa district – Lao Cai province.
Ham Rong resort which its area is nearly 150 ha was built in 1996. The construction aims to exploit nature – culture value in a primitive way of slates covered with moss. Climbing higher, tourists can discover gorgeous views such as:  Orchid Garden, Heaven Gate, Cloud Yard, Peach Garden … Especially, maybe it is a place for those who are fond of sightseeing and take photos to save remarkable moments.
Ham Rong Mount

From the height of 1800m tourists will see cloud drift indifferently and zoom your sight all over Sapa. It is said to be the most wonderful Sapa view due to the height customers are able to feel heaven - earth intervention and slowly walk on cloud. The ruddy flowers sweeps in floating mounts and clouds, and anybody catches lost feeling in the middle of palace garden …
Go upper, travelers may experience as lost in fairy realm which are really familiar scenes with those who used to watch “Journey to the West” when over passing the immense meteors area, stone  layer upon layer interleaving each other in diverse  shapes, tourists are satisfied with imaging into patterns. In front of the road to heaven gate, the only blue shade covers and unfurling beneath clouds. Finishing heaven gate 1, you stop at heaven gate 2 in the height 1700m to catch sight of dragon head clearly. The gateway is gradually narrowed leading to Tam Mon cave for only one person creeping into. After exit, an enormous sky appears.  The camp area holds fruit garden including 3 main kinds: peach, pear, plum.
Ham Rong Mount from above

Not only the most attractive Sapa show-place but also Ham Rong is a royal garden full of colors over years. Coming here you learn about cultural values of ethnic minorities when visiting music show area of Mong boys – girls or wearing suits to disguise native ones. It is true that no exaggeration when here is a miniature Sapa. You can contemplate convergent beauty of nature, culture and people at upland town follow each step from Ham Rong gate to mount …