The famous bridge is made from rattan lines, lies across the beautiful stream Muong Hoa, far from the town center 17 km to the Southeast. If you are lucky to visit Cloud Bridge in misty days, you can have a chance to see the cloud starts from Muong Hoa stream, covers all the bridge that makes you feel you are walking on cloud. Therefore, people call it is Cloud Bridge containing an art and tourism value.
Cloud Bridge

In the past, this bridge is the unique bridge for local residence travel from Ta Van Commune to Sapa center. Due to erosion process and the increasing number of people travel to Sapa, this bridge is broken so people build another wooden bridge which is next to the old bridge for the local people travel.  Then they carry out to fix the old one and only use it for sight seeing.
It is very hard to across this bridge, because each the set is far 20 cm from each other. If the tourist looks down, you will be dazzled. Even it is very dangerous and adventurous, however, a lot of tourists from everywhere come to Sapa also want to try this adventurous feeling.
Many tourists love to try the adventurous feeling when go across Cloud Bridge in misty days

This is considered as an unforgettable experience for tourists. When you across the bridge, if you still follow the pathway, you will reach a pretty and fantastic waterfall. Local people call it is Giang Ta Chai Waterfall.