Far from Lao Cai city nearly 100km towards Northeastern, and Bac Ha town, Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province about 30km towards Northern, Can Cau market is a unique fair which belongs to Can Cau commune, Si Ma Cai district, Lao Cai province.
Can Cau Fair is a market of Mong Hoa, Giay and Dao people. It takes place on Saturday mornings and holidays, New Year.
From afar, the fair view is beauty and lively. The market meeting beside roadside 153 - the only way links Bac Ha town to Si Ma Cai border town. The old basaltic-soiled road now is large and asphalted.

Local people come to Can Cau Market for trading things, eating, meeting others...
Around the market is terraces context each other and cling to flank. Farer and farer, Northwestern mountain is spectacular, stretch endlessly out of sight.
From the early morning, each group of Mong Hoa, Giay, Dao people gathers alternately. People who walk on foot, ride horse, mostly ride motorbike, take textile, agriculture and cattle products, ...
The market is divided into specialized areas full of products: fruits, agricultural, cattle, herbals, colorful brocade. Also, there have been clothes, modern fashionable shoes as lowlands but does Can Cau fair no lose its own identity.

Can Cau Market - Sapa
Coming here directly, tourists can feel noisy and characterized upland atmosphere. Apart from goods exchange, the fair is a place regarded as a destination for boys and girls in new suits to fall in love and then get married.
Another feature without feeling, you still taste it at Can Cau fair. Such a missing that cuisine area cannot be mentioned here. Those are hutches which the guests come and go crowdedly and the mix taste of smoke and food flavor.
Each store sells a simple kind of food like “thắng cố” (viscera mix of buffalo/cow/pig/horse ), “phở vùng cao” (upland noodles ), rice soup, or boiled pork and corn wine … That is enough for sisters to improve after a long week and for brothers to chat and drunk until the end of fair…