One of the most influent factor for Sapa – Lao Cai to attract such a large number of visitors every year is the uniqueness of the local markets such as Muong Hum market, Y Ty (Bat Xat), Coc Ly, Bac Ha, Lung Phinh (Bac Ha), Can Cau (Si Ma Cai District), Muong Khuong, Cao Son, Pha Long, Lung Khau Nhin (Muong Khuong), ... And because some people said that when you want to study about the traditions and costumes of a commune of people, just visit their markets. As a result, a large number of visitors coming to visit the markets in Lao Cai because they want to discover more about the local people’s life and get to know the their diversity in the distinctive features in the traditions of each minority group.
Particularly, you can do a one-week market tour with different markets in Sapa because the markets take turn from Monday to Sunday. Ban Phiet market is open on every Monday, Coc ly market is on Tuesday, Cao Son market is on Wednesday, Lung Khau Nhin market is on Thursday, Chau market is on Friday, Can Cau, Pha Long, Y Ty markets are on Saturday, and Bac Ha, Sapa, Muong khuong, Si Mai Cai, Bat Xat markets are open on Sunday, among those, Bac Ha market is voted as one of the most prominent market in Southeast Asia.

1. Bac Ha market on Sunday
Bac Ha market is 65km away from Lao Cai city, so travelers need to travel by bus to get to the market. The way leading to the market is appealing with thousands of flowers displaying themselves and merging with the striking costumes of the ethnic groups of Dao, Mong, and so on. When you see groups of people with their horse carrying goods and products heading to the market, it means you are going to get to the market. Arriving at the market, you can see a lot of highland products which are the essential items for ethnic people including plows, hoes, shovels, knives and other local products such as vegetables, fruits, honey. Continue discovering the market, you can recognize that what attracts the ethnic women and tourists most is the jewelry, brocade dress stalls and also the cute rattan baskets. For men, they are gathering around Thang Co pot (a mixing dish of horse’s organ) and wine jars enjoy the market.

2. Sapa market on Sunday
Sapa market is the venue for unique economic and cultural activities where a variety of goods and local products are trading, besides, this is the opportunity for the highland people coming to the market and for young men and women dating and looking for the partner of theirs.
Coming to Sapa to join in the brilliant colorful culture space to attend the market day with boisterous laughter and singing, and every Saturday night, all people and visitors are excited to look forward to the “love market”. Even though the market day has gradually fallen into oblivion, it has been the typical symbol of Sapa. The market is not only the place of buying and selling goods but the dating location of couple. Tourists must be very excited when talking about the market day in Sapa because they can choose for themselves a favorite gift made by the skillful hands of the local people. Guests may pay most attention to the patterns on the delicate brocade items with colors of daily life. It is the crystallization of the talent, hard work and great effort that the people here took to transfer from this generation to the next one.

3. Muong Hum market on Sunday
It is not to your satisfaction if you miss the Muong Hum market when visiting Sapa. On the market days, the most attractive scene appealing to tourists is the different colors of the herd of horses waiting at the stream side near the market, or the hanging bridge crossing the stream always filled with people and horses on market days.

4.Coc Ly market on Tuesday 
Coc ly market seems like a scenic and poetic picture which is the great combination of harmonious nature and colorful dresses of the local people heading to the market. Some people walk, some take a horse but carrying along with them are the brocade products including dresses, scarves, purses, bags…, and agricultural products such as vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, black fungus, honey, corn wine, highland rice or animals for trading.

5. Can Cau market
On the way to the market before reaching it, visitors can have some vivid and gorgeous photos of the scenery here. Around the market are terraced fields sequentially following each other to create eye-catching surroundings for this market.
Coming here, visitors also have chances to observe and learn more about the traditions and lifestyle of the local people and they can also buy some beautiful and dedicated handmade products made by the local people as gifts for friends and relatives.

6. Lung Khau Nhin market on Thursday
Lung Khau Nhin market, open on every Thursday mainly in the morning, is well-known as the ancient fair of Lao Cai. Similar to other markets in Lao Cai, Lung Khau Nhin is full of colorful dresses, sparkling jewelry, fresh fruits and vegetables, and exciting animals. Coming to the market visitors are also fascinated with the image of small kids here, some are carried behind their mother’s back, some dozing, some eating a cake, or a sugarcane, some looking around in surprise then hide their face into mother’s back.

Sapa is described to be charming and romantic as a fairy tail that contains a lot of mysteries to discover. Come to this cute town to have such great experience so that you want to come back in the near future.