Nestled in a corner of the Hoang Lien National Park (Lao Cai), Love waterfall was impetuous as a 'music note' sublimating for lovers.
About 14km from the town center of Sapa, along the 4D Highway heading to Lai Chau, you will get to Love Waterfall. The road is so attractive with the charming curves of O Quy Ho pass, with spreading mist and fanciful clouds, with green hanging gardens of chayote and with the smile of the Dao, Mong girls in the traditional costumes.
The entrance of Love Waterfall is Tram Ton – the starting place of conquering Fansipan mount journey. Therefore, some climbers drop in the fall to enjoy some quiet moments after struggling days to the “Roof of Indochina”.
Tram Ton Pass
When passing the entrance, you will be welcomed on a clean and nice paved road with two rows of bamboo aside. Continuing on the road, in front of your eyes is endless accumulating and stretching view of Hoang Lien Son mountain range. At the end of the road is Golden spring which is mysterious sparkling yellow.
Up stream of the spring, you will be extremely satisfied with green trees, red azalea, the interlacing creepers and delighted to hear impetuous waterfall like greeting a familiar client. The gurgling sound of the stream combined with the rustling sound of leaves create a pleasant chorus in the mountain. If lucky, you may hear the tormented cries of the mysterious bird O Quy Ho.

Love waterfall

Then, gradually turns up the waterfall, drooping in the jungle. The contrast has always created intense emotions. It was the contrast between the white waterfall and green forest, between the powerful rapids and the peaceful space; it is the contradiction between the smooth appearance of the waterfall and its own ferocious sounds. It is also the contradiction in the name of the waterfall- Love, which makes people think of the conflicts in feelings of couples in love, sometime sorrowful, sometime happy, sometime lovely sometime sulky…
Fumbling through wet rocks to get closer to the fall, you will feel a chill, not because of the weather of Sapa but because of a refreshing air emanating from the fall.

Now, it is time to enjoy the result of the tour after an exhausted trip. And for those who are in love, hand in hand and think of a bright future. For those who are alone, turn your eyes to the falling water, look at the colorful rainbow and imagine who your partner is. The local people believe that any couple or anyone who is alone that can reach the Love waterfall can be happy later.
Saying goodbye to the Love Fall and Golden Stream, if you are willing, don’t hesitate to continue other attractions of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range to observe the magnificent mountainous scene from the height of 2000m of the “Heaven Gate” to experience one of the four great passes of the Northwest, to conquer the 200-meter Silver Fall and have a look at the farm of sturgeon and salmon at the bottom of the fall.
Even experienced the numerous beauty spots of Sapa, it is sure that somewhere in your mind is the peaceful feeling amid the mountain range of Hoang Lien Son and the appeal of Love waterfall.