Cultural Bac Ha market is held on Sunday every week at Bac Ha town center which is 60km far from Lao Cai city. It is the biggest and most famous fair of upland border people. Coming to Bac Ha, you will contemplate spectacular mounts, abysses, bends and terraces … If you love taking photos and adventure, it is a suitable choice with extraordinary landscapes … During the trip, you will see native people ride horse and go to Bac Ha market from early  morning  even though the previous day to the following daytime.
Especially, inside any bearers of local people, there is always an ethnic suit new, nice the most. Coming nearby the market they wear silver rings, earrings, necklaces, and make up… According to their conception, going to market is going out. The market is not only goods exchange but also spirit cultural factorials, meetings and feelings share.
Bac Ha Market

Over passing 60 km high mountainous road customers come to famous Bac Ha market where sells fully remote area products : Shan tea, fruit, honey, wine, brocade  dress, shirt, silver jewelry, orchid, seed, horse, buffalo, pig, corn and potato bags.
At clothes and jewelry shops, you can freely choose brocade products, and is overwhelmed by colorful suits of Mong, Dao girls.... With the noise of exchange, the flute sound and the polysyllabic voice of young boys inviting girls
Travel to Bac Ha, especially foreigners are very interesting in life and custom of people here
Taking part in market, it must have been a missing if you only visit shops area but forgetting Bac Ha is a place to discover cuisine feature here … No more interesting when entering Bac Ha and drinking wine with “thắng cố” ( viscera )
“Thắng Cố” is never dried in the jar. It is a special wine which is heavy and bitter of Mong people Pho village. Nowadays, in the tendency of being commercialized, Bac Ha is remain one saving ethnic identity and unique fairs.
Bac Ha Market attracts many people coming to trading goods

You will not see invitations but hospitable faces in colorful suits, and expressing happiness with guests.
In the afternoon, the market becomes sparsely, a drunken guy on horse, a woman riding horse to village which is images in tourists’ mind.
Besides, customers have chance to visit Vua Meo (King Cat) palace – Hoang A Tuong Palace. It was built from 1914 and finished until 1921. Nearly 100 years, the palace is still a popular stop for domestic and foreign guests. Thanks to the decoration of French and China architectures, it is a mix of Western and Eastern style.Today, the government allow to recover like the old form without old version in some details.
However, you will catch sight of souvenirs of Hoang Yen Chao which are whole preserved. It is an old divan and a wall China  mirror